How To Make Balsamic Reduction & Other Gastriques

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Boiling Balsamic Glaze on the Stove; by Author

Gastriques are some of the biggest flavor blasters in cooking. They’re applied to the pan or onto the grill as a finish for meats, poultry, fish, and seafood. By coating the cooked food with this sweet, sour, and often piquant sauce the dish is greatly amplified.

Making A Balsamic Reduction Glaze:

Gastriques are vinegars boiled down with sugar or fruit juice until reaching a thickened viscosity. Balsamic Vinegar has enough sugar in it to create a glaze without the added sugar although there are some recipes that include it.

Directions To Make:

In a small sauce pot on medium high heat: Take 1pt. balsamic vinegar & reduce it…

Learn how to cook Lomo Saltado

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Photo courtesy of Panca restaurant, NY

The cooks, waiters, and staff at the Peruvian restaurant speak of their cuisine like a cool best friend that everybody knows. They’re very familial with each other, and covetous of their kitchens preparations. “This dish is for poor people, we all grew up eating it” describes most dishes on the menu, but today, the Ropa Viejo isn’t made with pounded bottom round, rather a pricy loin cut. Just another deliciously prepared dish on the menu filled with unique flavor & deliciously prepared. Today, I’d like to highlight a personal favorite that’s been compared to the Cajun etouffe: Lomo Saltado.

Preparing Lomo Saltado


Welcome to A-5 Wagyu

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5lb muscle of A-5; at my jobsite, 2018

You’ve had a good steak, but have you tried A-5? — it’s truly remarkable. The balanced dispersion of fat, the quality and quantity of fat. It creates a texture that truly makes for an elevated bite, redefining what steak would taste like in a perfect world.

A-5 is the top quality of wagyu beef. Produced in Japan, only a small amount of it is allowed to be exported.

Back when I worked at the Japanese spot, us cooks would get tossed the A-5 scraps at the end of service. It sold at forty bucks an ounce, and when we saw…

An Ancient Japanese Technique Revamped in The 90's — And A Recipe

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Miso Bass with Pea Shoots, by Author

Historically, in Japan, fresh fish was kept in miso paste mixed with sake lees to help it keep. This created a highly flavored, roast fish dish which made up a significant part of the Japanese diet. This tradition inspired chef Nobu in the 1990’s to develop his modern pro method, which has pizazz & shining appeal.

Spending months on a steam station in a Japanese restaurant (the steam station being nick-named the sticky station for its use of soy-sugar reductions), I, myself learned this miso glazing technique.

Currently, I’ve made my own recipe at home, and have found it just…

Separating the craft culture cook from the craft macaroni cook

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Celery Root in watercolor; by Author

There are some unsung heroes of the vegetable kingdom out there, and I’m on a mission to bring them more attention! Celeriac is fourth in this series, after fennel, eggplant, and cucumber.

Here we have Celery Root (celeriac). A Fall root-vegetable the size and shape of a softball. It retains its earthy-savory essence through long cooking times, and produces a sweet and unctuous component. Being magnificent at absorbing flavors, it’s an exceptional addition to roasted and braised dishes. Its also frequently made into purées, and on occasion it makes its way raw into salads.

Personally, I find its place in…

A Story, A Snack, A Recipe

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Basteeya in Watercolor, by: Author

I stumbled over this rare, and interesting street food during my time cooking through the foggy streets of San Francisco. The Michelin starred restaurant ‘Mourad’ had been recommended by a pal of mine who had been hopping adjacent cities as me, (we met in Los Angeles). Upon my staging at this restaurant, I noticed many new techniques, and took note of everything.

I’ll omit a diaspora of info so that I can focus on a particular appetizer course that I found most interesting. It was, of course, the basteeya.

Basteeya Come in Two Carnations

The poultry, and the seafood…

What’s in Your Repertoire?

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I’m a foodie on a journey around the country, cooking at nice restaurants, and food trucks, here and there. I check out markets, and cook books, looking for interesting things to cook, enjoy, and talk about. I hope you get a kick out of some of these, and perhaps try out a recipe or two to add to your repertoire.

Quinoa in Sauce

Boil quinoa, and strain through a fine strainer. Make your favorite kind of sauce of; tomato, cream, butter, pesto, wine, chile, viande… and toss the quinoa in enough sauce to coat the quinoa. …

Techniques and recipes for the Sweet Anise Umbrella

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Fennel — enhanced watercolor by; Author

Fennel is a highly aromatic vegetable in the umbelliferae family. The root of this Latin name is umbel; literally meaning umbrella. These vegetables are bulbs that grow in the ground, shoot up stocks towards the sun, and sprout a canopy of leaves and flowers atop.

Preparing Fennel — Pan Braising, and roasting cooks it very nicely. To accomplish this, first trim the green shoot that come out off the top, then split it in two wide halves. Next, cut wedges out of the halves, as one would of an apple. These graceful wedges of fennel are called wings. …

5 fast breakfasts with tons of go-juice

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breakfast in bed by: author

May all, eventually, find breakfast as I have. Below are some dishes too easily prepared to pass up. Try out these recipes, and benefit as you go out your door (or back to bed), and towards a wonderful, productive day!

Toast with Berry Confiture & Hard Boiled Egg

What’s a better indulgence to enjoy with your coffee or tea in the morning than toast spread with jam. It takes 60 seconds to punch some bread into the toaster, crack open a hard boiled egg, and then spread your toast with your delicious jam, and enjoy.

For some extra calories to build…

Nicholas Hayward

I’m a pro cook in NYC producing a working anthology of cooking based on my cooking notes.

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