Sauce Hacks, Simple-Delicious

A Short Fiction In Observation of our Successes

hey, a cool painting

Red Gummy Creature: How I’ve Missed Your Smoky Meats

It Started As An Early Food Obsession

An East Village burger place

That unique, fast food ketchup

Soft but tensile — flat buns; slightly toasted

and salty meat, in the middle of it all

The Carolinas to Memphis, And The Deep South

Aca Grill, BBQ restaurant LA, CA

How-To Shots and What-Not’s

Cooking Photography

a study guide for cooks

Plus, I Hope You’re Getting The Real Stuff!

Why to munch this troll snack

Of course, says the spectrum-red radish!

Plus a Recipe for Seafood Salad

Magoro — Tuna

Zuke — Marinated

Nicholas Hayward

Gourmet articles ranging from; ingredients, techniques, dishes, stories, chef highlights, and investigations. I’m an experienced professional cook in NYC.

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