Plus a Recipe for Seafood Salad

Magoro — Tuna

Zuke — Marinated

Applications include; sashimi, sushi, small fish…

Bernade — A French Technique

The Stove: by Author

How it Works

Cooking Time

Balsamic Reduction & Other Gastriques

Boiling Balsamic Glaze on the Stove; by Author

Making A Balsamic Reduction Glaze:

Directions To Make:

Learn how to cook Lomo Saltado

Photo courtesy of Panca restaurant, NY

Preparing Lomo Saltado

Welcome to A-5 Wagyu

5lb muscle of A-5; at my jobsite, 2018

A-5 is the top quality of wagyu beef. Produced in Japan, only a small amount of it is allowed to be exported.

An Ancient Japanese Technique Revamped in The 90's — And A Recipe

Miso Bass with Pea Shoots, by Author

Separating the craft culture cook from the craft macaroni cook

Celery Root in watercolor; by Author

Basteeya in Watercolor, by: Author

Basteeya Come in Two Carnations

What’s in Your Repertoire?

Quinoa in Sauce

Nicholas Hayward

I’m a pro cook in NYC producing a working anthology of cooking based on my cooking notes.

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